Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lambton Mills at Dundas Street West and the Humber River, 1912

Two ladies follow the sidewalk on Dundas Street West in 1912, at Lambton Mills.

Lambton Mills was a neighbourhood at the east side of the Humber River, where it intersects with Dundas Street West, near the modern neighbourhood of Lambton.  This is one of the oldest settled areas of Toronto, long pre-dating European settlement, originally site of the local First Nations peoples' Toronto Carrying Place Trail.  Originally founded c. 1806, 106 years before the taking of this picture, Lambton Mills was originally called "Cooper's Mills" and named after the many mills in the area that relied on the Humber.

In 1915, three years after this photo was taken, all but one building in Lambton Mills burned to the ground.

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