Monday, September 9, 2013

Cooksville Train Station circa ????

This is, clearly, the Cooksville Train station.  It was built, according to the City of Mississauga (of which Cooksville is now a part) in 1878 by the Credit Valley Railway.  However, it burnt down in the 1880s, twenty years before the first pictures in the album that includes this photograph.  It is clearly not the Cooksville CPR Station, which was built in 1912 and demolished in 1975.  It resembles one image attributed to the first station, but not another.  Is this the second station, which would fit the timeframe of the photo album, or the first, which may or may not look just like the photo above?  The photo from trainweb of the same structure shows a horse and buggy (which doesn't resolve much), gentlemen in suits and women in full dress and hats (which doesn't resolve much), and what appear to be telegraph or electrical poles.  If they're indeed telegraph poles, this is likely the first station; if they're electrical poles, this must be a later station.

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